Brainwaves – 19 July – Terri’s Presentation

In this episode we interview Brainwaves team member Terri. Terri recently returned from London, where she presented her lived experience of mental illness, at the House Of Lords. In this interview, Terri discusess what led her to this opportunity and the response she had from her audience.

Content in this interview mentions childhood sexual abuse and trauma. If you require any further support, please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Wellways’ Helpline at 1300 111 500.

Panel – Lauren

Interviewers – Marni and Allanah


Brainwaves – 1 June – Trauma Research

Brainwaves speaks with PhD candidate and social worker Kath Sellick who is interested in the experience of voice hearing and trauma informed care. kath has just finished conducting research on how Australian mental health services respond to voice hearers who have experienced trauma or sexual assault. For more information on Kath’s research or for resources, please feel free to contact Kath at

Panel Operator: Chiara
Interviewers: Terri & Sarah



Brainwaves – 6 May – Indigo Daya

This week, Indigo Daya, General Manager of Consumer and Carer Advocacy at MI Fellowship speaks to 3 key issues raised by Dr. Eleanor Longen, guest speaker at the Bruce Woodcock Memorial Lecture. Indigo discusses the concepts and issues of recovery not as a cure, living with experiences in a meaningful way – not as symptoms, and finally discusses the role of trauma in psychiatric illness and treatment.

Paneller: Kate
Interviewing: Paddy and Kathy

Brainwaves – 22 April – Prof. Kulkarni

This week, Professor Jayashri Kullkarni, Director Monash Alfred Psychiatry research centre speaks about women’s mental health issues including the misuse of the term “borderline personality disorder” and discusses the concept and lived experience of complex trauma disorder. She also discusses a research project that MAPrc are currently recruiting for into schizophrenia.

Panneler: Mark J.
Interviewers: Kathy and Kate