Brainwaves – 21 June – Dr Paul Fearne – Schizophrenia

This week on Brainwaves Dr Paul Fearne a published poet and philospher spoke to the team about his own lived experience of schizophrenia and how this shaped his poetry and his publications. If you are interested to know more about Paul Fearne and his work you can head to this link.

Panel – Rebecca

Interviewers – Christine and Helen

Brainwaves – 26 October – Dr. James McLure

This week we speak with Dr James McLure, peer support worker with Pathways Mental Health and Wellbeing Services and author of Eight Stones: My Journey Through Schizophrenia and Depression.

James, a former AFL footballer with a PHD in clinical pharmacology, discusses everyfrom from his lived experience with mental illness to his role with the with the support group GROW, as well as his stance on mental health and football.

Interviewer: Chiara


Brainwaves – 18 May – James’ lived experience of Schizophrenia

On today’s show, Lauren & Terri speak with Brainwaves team member James about his lived experience of Schizophrenia and recovery in light of Wellway to Mental Health Week (formerly Schizophrenia Awareness Week). James talks about some of the negative perceptions he experienced, what it was like being in the mental health system, the experience of receiving a diagnosis, what assisted him in regaining his life and how his life has changed.

Panel Operator: Chiara
Interviewers: Lauren & Terri

Brainwaves – 3 June – Sandy Jeffs

This week, guest Sandy Jeffs reads from her two latest poetry collections “The Mad Poets Tea Party” and “poems from the Madhouse” relates her poetry as a documentation of her journey with mental illness. In particular Sandy discusses her experiences of, and research into, Larundel psychiatric facility, her work as an advocate and speaker on mental health issues.

Paneller: Kathy
Interviewers: Mark H. & Shannon

Brainwaves – 27 May – Bee’s Play “Hamlet’s Angel”

This week, Bee commenced her play in 1977 as a one act play to tell the story of Ophelia and Bee’s’ paternal grandmother, who had schizophrenia. In 2000 Bee had a breakdown and was later diagnosed with schizophrenia. The play, as it was developed, became Bee’s story.

Paneller: Kate
Interviewers: Kate


Brainwaves – 13 May – Heidi Everett

This week, singer song writer, poet, and mental health advocate Heidi Everett and comedian Rohan Forrester discuss the upcoming Schizy Week Jam which is being held at Northcote Social Club, Sunday 17th of May. Heidi discusses the importance of this event to Schizophrenia Awareness Week and Rohan shares some insights into his past mental health issues and homelessness.

Paneller: Kate
Interviewers: Joel and Kathy