Brainwaves – 18 May – ECHOES Support group for dissociation

On today’s show Brainwaves members Terri & Serena interviewed Sue Nunn, founder and lived experience facilitator and Jarred Harvey, participant of the support group ECHOES. ECHOES is a peer support group for individuals who experience dissociation and multiplicity. For anyone who is interested in attending ECHOES, the group runs on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month from 7pm-8:30m. Please contact Sue on 0458 181 222 and a gold coin donation is appreciated.

Panel Operator: Chiara
Interviewers: Terri & Serena

Brainwaves – 23 March – VMIAC Consumer Workforce Conference – Mary O’Hagan

This week on Brainwaves, Brainwaves members Chris and Kathy attended the annual VMIAC Consumer Workforce Conference 2016 where they interviewed key note speaker Mary O’Hagan, an initiator of the service user movement in New Zealand, the first chair of the World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry, an advisor to the United Nations and World Health Organization and a Mental Health Commissioner for New Zealand. Mary talks about the importance of peers, the efficacy of peers in the mental health sector and mental health system’s provision of recovery.

Interviewers: Kathy & Chris
Panel Operator: Kathy & Chris


Mary O’Hagan presenting on recovery


Brainwaves – 13 January – Consumer advocate Alan Pinchez

Consumer consultant/advocate and researcher Alan Pinchez comes on the show to talk about his experience with mental health and how this drove him to join the consumer movement in an attempt to improve services. Alan talks about the value of peer workers and peer support, and the benefits of lived experience.

Panel Operator: Daniel
Interviewers: Kathleen & Daniel

Brainwaves – 8 July – Living with Suicidal Feelings

Guests Annie Murphy, Liz Scarfe and Lara discuss the “Living With Suicidal Feelings” support group. Topics include why this group matters, their intention and motivation, and the value of peer support. A typical format is outlined – who attends and what is discussed and how the group support one another, and the importance of self care. And finally, where to find information re the group if you want to attend.  There is also a Face Book page to check out: Living With Suicidal Feelings.

Panel Operator: Kathy
Interviewers: Kate and Rose