Brainwaves – 4 October – Transformative storytelling – Fiona’s story

In the third and final episode of our transformative storytelling series, we talk to Fiona Browning, who is a mental health consumer, advocate, and activist. Fiona shares how storytelling has allowed her to open up about her mental health journey.

Next week is Mental Health Week and Brainwaves will be having a special one-hour long program. Stay tuned!

Brainwaves – 27 September – Transformative storytelling – Annie’s story

In the second episode of our transformative storytelling series, we talk to Annie Whitehead about her journey. Her story highlights the need for community inclusion, and how finding the right people can help you gain strength along the way.

Brainwaves – 20 September – Transformative storytelling – Joel’s story

Transformative storytelling is the act of listening to other individauls who share their expeirnce of mental illness and who may learn how harmful social exclusion and stigma can be. This week is our first episode of transformative stories and we talk to Joel about his journey with mental ilness.

Panel – Laure

Interview – Allanah and Suzanne

Brainwaves – 19 July – Terri’s Presentation

In this episode we interview Brainwaves team member Terri. Terri recently returned from London, where she presented her lived experience of mental illness, at the House Of Lords. In this interview, Terri discusess what led her to this opportunity and the response she had from her audience.

Content in this interview mentions childhood sexual abuse and trauma. If you require any further support, please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Wellways’ Helpline at 1300 111 500.

Panel – Lauren

Interviewers – Marni and Allanah


Brainwaves – 19 October – Hannah’s Lived Experience – Bulimia Nervosa

On this week’s episode of Brainwaves, Hannah shares her lived experience of Bulimia Nervosa. Hannah talks about factors that contributed to her developing the disorder, her behaviours and feelings when she was unwell, and how she managed to recover. She also discusses her experience with major depression and anxiety, and a serious physical illness.

This show contains material that may be distressing to some listeners. If you are or anyone you care about is struggling with their mental health, you can contact the MI Fellowship Helpline on (03) 8486 4222 or The Butterfly Foundation for Eating Disorders National Helpline on 1800 334 673.

Interviewers: Terri and Christine

Panel Operator: Kate

Brainwaves – 21 September – Rebecca’s life after rehab

On today’s show, we talk to Brainwaves team member Rebecca on her experience of rehab and returning to everyday life. Rebecca tells us a little about how she ended up in rehab, what it was like while she was there, and how she got to where she is now in life.

This episode of Brainwaves discusses heavy topics including self harm and suicide. If you or anyone you care about is struggling with their mental health, you can contact MI Fellowship’s Helpline on 03 8486 4222 or Lifeline on 13 11 14.


Brainwaves – 18 May – James’ lived experience of Schizophrenia

On today’s show, Lauren & Terri speak with Brainwaves team member James about his lived experience of Schizophrenia and recovery in light of Wellway to Mental Health Week (formerly Schizophrenia Awareness Week). James talks about some of the negative perceptions he experienced, what it was like being in the mental health system, the experience of receiving a diagnosis, what assisted him in regaining his life and how his life has changed.

Panel Operator: Chiara
Interviewers: Lauren & Terri

Brainwaves – 16 March – Adult ADHD

ADHD is a diagnosis that has been identified in children for decades however only in the last 14 years have clinicians begun to accept that the diagnosis continued into adulthood. On today’s show, three young men for whom ADHD has been a part of their adult lives and we hear about how because of their condition they have had to struggle with stigma, treatment, education and relationships.

Panel Operator: Rose
Interviewer: Rose