Brainwaves – 10 August – Lead Tenant Program

The Lead Tenant program seeks to create an environment where adolescents can transition into independent living. Two adolescents are paired with two adults in the community (Lead Tenants) where they share-house together. The program strives to foster a living environment that allows Lead Tenants to exhibit positive role modeling, engage a young person’s social and recreational skills, establish positive and meaningful relationships, encourage and demonstrate engagement in education, employment, self care, communication & positive behaviour. Brainwaves chats with Nancy, a Lead Tenant about the program, what the program involves, what her experience has been and how people can get involved.

Panel Operator: Chiara
Interviewer: Chiara

Brainwaves – 22 July – MI Fellowship Doorway housing program

This week, Vince O’Neil discusses his work with the MI Fellowship Doorway housing and support program, shares his lived experience of homelessness as a Vietnam veteran and his work with the Homeless Persons’ Union Victoria.

Panel Operator: Kathy
Interviewers: Kathy and Kathleen

Brainwaves – 29 April – Zoe Probyn, Homeground

This week, Zoe Probyn Northern Support Services Manager at Homeground, speaks about issues connecting homelessness with mental health issues. She discusses 2 programs: housing and mental health and an intensive support program. Zoe discusses indigenous programs at Homeground and ends with a discussion of the implication of the recent overhaul of the community mental health sector for both homelessness and mental health issues of her clients.

Panneler: Kate
Interviewing: Paddy & Kathy