Brainwaves – 2 November – Launch Housing

This week we speak to Andi Jones, a volunteer coordinator from Launch Housing Melbourne. Launch Housing is a not-for-profit organisation which was formed from the merger of two of Melbourne’s largest and most respected homelessness services. Launch Housing believes that every individual has a right to have a home and it is their goal is to put an end to homelessness, whilst providing support to those who are struggling with a housing crisis.

If you like to find out more information about Launch Housing you can visit their website at:

If you are experiencing a housing crisis and need assistance you can contact Launch Housing 24/7 at 1800 825 955.

If you are interested in volunteering at Launch Housing you can contact: (03) 9288 9600 or

Panel Operator: Christine

Interviewers: Rebecca and Yvanna


Brainwaves – 13 May – Heidi Everett

This week, singer song writer, poet, and mental health advocate Heidi Everett and comedian Rohan Forrester discuss the upcoming Schizy Week Jam which is being held at Northcote Social Club, Sunday 17th of May. Heidi discusses the importance of this event to Schizophrenia Awareness Week and Rohan shares some insights into his past mental health issues and homelessness.

Paneller: Kate
Interviewers: Joel and Kathy

Brainwaves – 29 April – Zoe Probyn, Homeground

This week, Zoe Probyn Northern Support Services Manager at Homeground, speaks about issues connecting homelessness with mental health issues. She discusses 2 programs: housing and mental health and an intensive support program. Zoe discusses indigenous programs at Homeground and ends with a discussion of the implication of the recent overhaul of the community mental health sector for both homelessness and mental health issues of her clients.

Panneler: Kate
Interviewing: Paddy & Kathy

Brainwaves – 1 April – Homelessness

This week, we interviewed Dream, who features regularly on the Roominations show, 3CR. Dream discusses the complex issues surrounding becoming homeless, advocates for changes that would improve access to accommodation for people in crisis, and discusses his own experience of homelessness.

Panneler: Mark J
Interviewers: Kate and Rae