Brainwaves – November 22 – Headspace Reword Campaign

Today on Brainwaves, we talk to the head of clinical practice at Headspace National, Vickki Ryall about cyber bullying.  To help prevent online bullying, Headspace has partnered with Reword to support the creation of a tool that identifies insulting words and statements, by putting a line through the word, making users reconsider what they’re writing. The National Children’s and Youth Law Centre estimates that over 450,000 Australian children were victims of cyber bullying in 2013.

To find out more information about Reword you can do so by going to their website, or by downloading their app via:

If you or someone you know are experiencing online bullying. You are not alone. To seek help please visit your nearest Headspace centre. Or talk to someone you trust.

To find your nearest centre go to:

Panel Operator: Chiara

Interviewer: Rebecca


Brainwaves – 28 October – Exploring mental health perspectives

In the last of the Headspace curated series of shows, this week’s program explores the lived experience of two young men, exploring mental health from 2 unique perspectives. In Part 1 of the program Mark explores self care when managing depression and anxiety, and in Part 2 Damian discusses mental health and healing in the context of family.

Panel Operator: Tu
Interviewers: Kathy, Mark, Lucy


Luke, Damian, Mark, Lucy, Canon and the Brainwaves team!

Brainwaves – 21 October – Experiences with the mental health sector/ Exploring mental health, sexuality & gender identity

The second installment of our Headspace curated shows, this week we discuss disparity in youth service provision and non-binary gender through two compelling personal accounts. Part 1 discusses experiences with the mental health sector and provide strategies for help seeking in what can be very complex system of care. Part 2 explores the relationship between mental health, sexuality and gender identity.


Sheree, Crystal and the Brainwaves team

Brainwaves – 14 October – Young Women Living with Autism Spectrum Disorders

This week’s informative program explored the perspectives of two radical young women, Melissa and Lucy, living with Autism. The show looked at how diagnosis, perceptions and stigma have shaped their lived experiences and mental health.  The show also showcased the strength and resilience of young people in reclaiming identity and living outside diagnosis.

Panel Operator: Kathy
Interviewers: Kate & Mark

12080363_10153276021058613_8824248181576515556_oMark, Melissa, Lucy, Kate and Canon

Brianwaves – 2 September – Professor Patrick McGorry

This week, the Brainwaves team interview Professor Patrick McGorry-Executive Director of Orygen, the National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health to discuss youth mental health, early intervention of mental illness and psychosis.

Panel Operator: Mark H.
Interviewers: Tu & Kathleen



Patrick McGorry and the Brainwaves team