Brainwaves – 21 October – Experiences with the mental health sector/ Exploring mental health, sexuality & gender identity

The second installment of our Headspace curated shows, this week we discuss disparity in youth service provision and non-binary gender through two compelling personal accounts. Part 1 discusses experiences with the mental health sector and provide strategies for help seeking in what can be very complex system of care. Part 2 explores the relationship between mental health, sexuality and gender identity.


Sheree, Crystal and the Brainwaves team

Brainwaves – 23 September – Tom Ballad – Comedy & mental health

Australian comedian, writer, actor and Ambassador for Beyond Blue, Tom Ballad comes on the show to discuss his lived experience of mental illness and his sexuality. Tom specifically talks about the impact of society on young people who may be coming to terms with their sexuality. Tom discusses the relationship between comedy and mental illness, and utilizing comedy as a platform for discussing mental health issues. Visit Tom Ballad’s website for more information –

Panel Operator: Kate
Interviewers: Kate & Kathy