Feed – Film Review (7 February)

This week on Brainwaves, the team reviews the film “Feed”; a film written, produced and starring Troian Bellisario which draws on her experience of anorexia as a teenager. The film portrays the downfall of 18-year-old Olivia as she deals with an eating disorder after the tragic death of her brother.

This episode contains spoilers for the film and discusses some of the heavy themes in the film including disordered eating, death, grief, and hospitalisation. If you require any support please contact Wellways’ Helpline on 1300 111 500 or The Butterfly Foundation online or on 1800 33 4673.

Panel – Lauren

Discussion featuring Lauren, Rebecca and Marni

Brainwaves – 30 August – Mindfulness App Reviews

On today’s show Lucy, Marni and Rebecca reviewed mindfulness mobile phone applications. Each reviewer tried a different app for three weeks prior to the show. Reviews were mixed and some had a better experience than others.

Apps reviewed: Smiling Mind, Calm and Stop, Breathe & Think.

Panel – Lauren

Discussion – Lucy, Marni and Rebecca

Brainwaves – 16 August – Review of To The Bone

On tonight’s show Allanah, Lucy and Rebecca discussed their opinions regarding the viewing of the film To The Bone. The drama is based on a young women’s experience with anorexia. The film has been deemed controversial due to the content and the way it is targeted at a young audience.

SPOILER ALERT!! – This audio does contain mentions of intregal plot points which may spoil the viewing pleasure for some.

Trigger Warning!! This show also mentions eating disorders and miscarriage and could be distressing for some listeners.

If this show has upset you in any way you can call the Butterfly hotline on 1800 33 4673 and visit https://thebutterflyfoundation.org.au/

For help dealing with the grief associated with miscarriage please reach out by calling 1300 072 673 or head to http://www.sands.org.au/

Brainwaves – 6 June – Mental Health & Relationships

This week on Brainwaves, the team has a panel dicussion about mental health and the impact it can have on relationships. The team discusses their personal experiences and struggles when it comes to maintaining relationships, when should you disclose mental health issues, and how to be a friend while struggling with mental illness. Warning: this episode contains, lightheartedness, touching and inspiring stories, and lots of bad jokes.

Panel – Lauren

Discussion – Lauren, Rebecca and Susan

Brainwaves – 1 March – Discussion on mental health and education

On today’s episode of Brainwaves, the team has a panel discussion on education and mental health. With university going back over the next couple weeks, we discuss the pressures of being a student, including how to manage study, work, friends and your own mental health. We also talk about the many resources out there for when being a student becomes just too much, and all the coping mechanisms we use ourselves to combat stress and stay on top of our workloads.

Presenters – Rebecca, Lauren and Christine