Brainwaves – 8 June – Simon Duffy

Simon Duffy talks to Brainwaves following his keynote speech “Being a true equal: Citizenship contribution and mutual support under a modern welfare state ”at the VICSERV Conference in May this year. Simon explored what it means to be a true equal and what this means for how we think about mental health and the organisation of support. The modern welfare state, particularly health and social care, has become a vast empire of services. But there are good reasons to think that this empire does not serve us well, and in particular that people with mental health problems are being held back by old ideas and old systems. But we will not make progress by trying to convert patients into consumers. Progress will only come from treating each other as citizens, recognising our gifts and our ability to contribute and support each other.

Panel Operator: Serena
Interviewers: Terri

Simon_Duffy_Keynote_1[1]Simon Duffy at the VICSERV Conference


Brainwaves – 4 May – Rural mental health services

This week on Brainwaves, Eila Lyan discussed her stance on mental health services available in rural areas and also brings her own lived experience to the mix. Eila discusses attitudes, supports available, differences between rural and urban mental health services, areas for improvement and talks about how we can further continue to break down the stigma.

Panel Operator: Serena
Interviewers: James & Lauren


Brainwaves – 13 April – Live music from Wild @ heart

Wild @ heART artist Jane Belfrige and Phil Hoytsenroader come on the show to talk about the Wild @ heART community programs available for those wanting to be a part of a community and learn to play and write their own music.

Panel Operator: Chiara
Interviewers: Kathy & James


Phil on guitar and Jane on the harp

Brainwaves – 30 December – Mental health in the African community

Brainwaves hosts a range of guests, Siretti from the organisation In Our Own Words, and Natasha and Heeba, from AFRO Care. In Our Own Words is a grass roots production that encourages the development of young people of Afro decent, those living in the diaspora and those living on the African continent – through Self-awareness, de-colonial thinking and community empowerment. Natasha and Heeba talk about AfroCare which was set up after the collation of anecdotes from the African-Australian community about their own views, experiences and observations regarding mental health. Both organisations aim to address mental health issues in the African community.

Panel Operator: Daniel
Interviewers: Kate

Brainwaves – 4 November – Prof Mike Slade

Professor Mike Slade of Nottingham University joins Brainwaves to talk recovery and person centred care in mental health.Professor Slade recently co-authored a research paper with Dr Eleanor Longden on the empirical evidence about mental health recovery, commissioned by MI Fellowship.

The paper mentioned in the show, co-authored by Prof Mike Slade and Dr Eleanor Longden (of the Hearing Voices Network) can be found here. The paper addresses the empirical evidence surrounding recovery, with implications for how we think about designing service qualifying criteria. To read some of Prof Mike Slade’s work, including Making Recovery a Reality, Refocus: Promoting Recovery in Community Mental Health Services and 100 Ways to Support Recovery, click here for a free online booklet.

Interviewers: Kathy & Rose
Panel Operator: Rose


Professor Mike Slade

Upcoming Mental Health Week Events!

In light of Mental Health Week, the Mental Health Foundation are running events all week that people can get involved in. There are heaps of events that have already happened but plenty more coming up over the next few days…

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