Brainwaves – 3 May – The Bi-Polar Express – Ela Simon

On today’s episode of Brainwaves, we talk to Ela Simon, co-author of The Bipolar Express. Written with her daughter Natasha, the book describes the “rollercoaster of mania and depression” as experienced by mother and daughter. We talk about what it’s like to care for a child with a mental illness, and also about her experience of writing a novel with her daughter and how the journey brought them together.

You can find out more about Ela and Natasha at their Facebook page and their website.

Brainwaves – 30 March – World Bipolar Day

On today’s show, Reid Maxwell, president of the Melbourne Bipolar Network and manager of MindWorks, comes on the show to talk about Bipolar Disorder. In light of World Bipolar Day, March 30th 2016, the team speak about what is Bipolar Disorder, common myths, recovery for individuals with Bipolar and how the community can be more understanding and aware. For those interested in finding out more information about MindWorks, visit

Panel Operator: Chiara
Interviewers: Serena & Terri


Brainwaves – 3 February – My Happy Sad Mummy

This week, author of the children’s book “My Happy Sad Mummy” comes on the show to talk about her picture book that aims at educating young children about what it is like to live with a parent with Bipolar Disorder. The book serves as a useful tool for parents, teachers, childcare workers, librarians and psychologists to help to explain the impact of this experience from the eyes of a young child. The book will be the first in a line of books aimed at educating children and helping to start the conversation about mental health issues from a young age. For more information about Michelle, her book and other books she has in the works, please visit

Panel Operator: Kathy
Interviewers: Chris & Chiara


Michelle and the Brainwaves team


Brainwaves – 25 November – Neil Cole

Neil Cole has a long and storied career history. After founding the Flemington Legal Service and working to support the local community for seven years, he then ran for, and won, the seat of Melbourne in federal parliament. In 1993, Neil received a formal diagnosis of bipolar disorder, which was leaked to the public by his political enemies, forcing him to resign his position and be open about his lived experiences. Since leaving federal politics, Neil Cole has continued his advocacy through work with the Monash medical school, Melbourne University’s Florey Institute of Neuroscience and by serving as a member on the national advisory committee of mental health. Neil also shares his story creative, having penned 25 plays and one novel, he has been awarded the Griffin Award for New Australian Playwriting and the Centenary Medal for service to Australian society and literature.

Panel Operator: Rose
Interviewers: Rose & James


Neil Cole and the Brainwaves team!

Brainwaves – 30 September – Bipolar Bears

Dan McGuiness, Mick Seymour and Adam Pollock from the BiPolar Bears in the Wild@heART Community showcase their music, discuss the origins of the band, their influences and how music and arts can be used as an outlet for recovery from mental health issues.

Panel Operator: Kathy
Interviewers: Daniel & Tu


The Bipolar Bears and the Brainwaves team