Brainwaves – 20 May – Full Mental Jacket

This week, members of music band Full Mental Jacket, Steve, Christian, and Justin discuss the band and showcase their music. Band members discuss the origins and history of the band, the power of making music to heal mentally and physically, their sponsors and recent gig at Basin Music Festival. Featuring an original track, “White Death”.

Paneller: Kate
Interviewers: Kathy

Brainwaves – 1 October – Wild @ Heart

Hosts Fergus and Kate talk to Heidi Everett and Phil Heuzenroeder from Wild@heART workshops and the Music Network for Mental Health about the Strumarama event, a live music event held at the Prince of Wales Hotel in St Kilda on the 8th of October as part of Mental Health Week 2014.

  • Wild@heART :: Arts group for people with disabilities or mental illness
  • Music Network for Mental Health :: The Network trains participants to develop and lead their own music projects, set up and run gigs

Panneler: Ben
Interviewers: Fergus and Kate