Brainwaves – January 18 – Music Therapist Cherry Hense

On this week’s show we speak to music therapist Dr Cherry Hense, a post-doctoral research fellow from Melbourne University specialising in young people’s musical identities, about the ways in which music therapy can be used in the treatment of mental illness. More information on music therapy can be found at

Panel – Chiara

Interviewers – Lauren and Chiara

Brainwaves – 11 January – Phil Crooks (summer programming)

This week the Brainwaves team speaks to Phil Crooks from Senswide Employment. For many people, wellness and recovery goes hand in hand with meaningful employment. Phil chats about what it’s like for people with mental illness to find employment through a disability employment service.

Feel free to contact Senswide for more information at or (03)86207155.

Panel Operator: Lauren

Interviewers: Rebecca and Kate

Brainwaves – 4 January – ECHOES Support Group (summer programming)

On today’s show Brainwaves members Terri & Serena interviewed Sue Nunn, founder and lived experience facilitator and Jarred Harvey, participant of the support group ECHOES. ECHOES is a peer support group for individuals who experience dissociation and multiplicity.

Panel Operator: Chiara
Interviewers: Terri & Serena