Brainwaves – 28 December – Diet and Mood Disorders (summer programming)

This week Brainwaves has Felice Jacka on the show, Associate Professor at Deakin University and President of the International Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research and the Australian Alliance for the Prevention of Mental Disorders. Felice discusses her research around the role of diet and nutrition as it relates to mental health disorders. Felice also explains the ways in which people’s mood is impacted by what they ear and how her research looks at utilizing Dietary Improvement as a treatment strategy for Major Depression. Click here to read Felice’s latest research on diet and depression.

Panel Operator: Rose
Interviewers: Rose & Kathleen

Brainwaves – 14 December- Virtual Reality Based Treatment

On today’s episode, the Brainwaves team is joined by Professor Eoin Killackey. Professor Killackey is Associate Director, Research and Head, Functional Recovery Research program at Orygen. The program develops and trials innovative treatments that help manage the functional recovery of young people. Professor Killackey discusses the current and potential role of technology, specifically virtually reality, in the treatment of a range of mental illnesses.

Chiara and Lauren

Brainwaves – 7 December – My Mum Has Depression

On today’s show we talk to Nina Mitchell, author of the children’s book My Mum Has Depression. Nina was prompted to write the book after realising that she and many other parents who suffer from depression have difficulty explaining the subject to their children.

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Panel Operator: Chiara

Interviewer: Christine