Brainwaves – 22 June – FaPMI

On today’s show Rose Cuff, statewide FaPMI coordinator and Catherine Vine, peer program worker talk with Chiara & Terri about the services available for family members who have a loved one with a mental illness. For more information on the FaPMI stratedgy and for how to find a FaPMI coordinator in your area, please visit For more information on accessing Family Services as discussed by Catherine, please visit

Panel Operator: Chiara
Interviewers: Chiara & Terri



Brainwaves – 15 June – Let’s Talk Research Project

On the first week of our carers special, we discuss the Let’s Talk About Children project with project manager Dr Melinda Goodyear and participant Sian. The Let’s Talk Project from Monash University aims to help aid the recovery process for parents dealing with mental health issues. We talk about what the project is about and how it works, with some first-hand insight from Sian on her experience of the project.

You can find more information on the project, including information about the Let’s Talk Forum being held on the 25th of July, on Monash University’s website here.

Further information about children living with parents affected by mental illness can be found at

Panel Operator: Chiara
Interviewers: Terri & Lauren

Brainwaves – 8 June – Simon Duffy

Simon Duffy talks to Brainwaves following his keynote speech “Being a true equal: Citizenship contribution and mutual support under a modern welfare state ”at the VICSERV Conference in May this year. Simon explored what it means to be a true equal and what this means for how we think about mental health and the organisation of support. The modern welfare state, particularly health and social care, has become a vast empire of services. But there are good reasons to think that this empire does not serve us well, and in particular that people with mental health problems are being held back by old ideas and old systems. But we will not make progress by trying to convert patients into consumers. Progress will only come from treating each other as citizens, recognising our gifts and our ability to contribute and support each other.

Panel Operator: Serena
Interviewers: Terri

Simon_Duffy_Keynote_1[1]Simon Duffy at the VICSERV Conference


Brainwaves – 1 June – Trauma Research

Brainwaves speaks with PhD candidate and social worker Kath Sellick who is interested in the experience of voice hearing and trauma informed care. kath has just finished conducting research on how Australian mental health services respond to voice hearers who have experienced trauma or sexual assault. For more information on Kath’s research or for resources, please feel free to contact Kath at

Panel Operator: Chiara
Interviewers: Terri & Sarah