Brainwaves – 30 December – Mental health in the African community

Brainwaves hosts a range of guests, Siretti from the organisation In Our Own Words, and Natasha and Heeba, from AFRO Care. In Our Own Words is a grass roots production that encourages the development of young people of Afro decent, those living in the diaspora and those living on the African continent – through Self-awareness, de-colonial thinking and community empowerment. Natasha and Heeba talk about AfroCare which was set up after the collation of anecdotes from the African-Australian community about their own views, experiences and observations regarding mental health. Both organisations aim to address mental health issues in the African community.

Panel Operator: Daniel
Interviewers: Kate

Brainwaves – 23 December – Ray of Light Documentary

Guest director Jay Richards comes on the show this week to talk about his documentary Ray of Light. The Ray of Light documentary looks to shine a light on youth anxiety, depression and suicide. The documentary reveals the world of today’s teenagers by openly exploring the issues of schoolyard and social media bullying, depression, anxiety, self- harm and cutting, rejection, social isolation, sexual identity, drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness and family trauma to getting appropriate help, counselling and treatment that lead to positive and lasting recoveries. Trigger warning: This show discusses suicide which may be a sensitive topic for some. To watch the Ray of Light documentary trailer, visit

Panel Operator: Rose
Interviewers: Rose & Kathy

Brainwaves – 16 December – Neil Thomas SMART project

Dr Neil Thomas, Director National e-Therapy Centre, Swinburne University talks about updates with the SMART Research Project. For more information on the SMART project, visit Neil also discussed the recent International Consortium on Hallucination Research and talks about the different ways in which we think about the experience of auditory and visual hallucinations. For more information about The Voices Clinic, visit

Panel Operator: Tu
Interviewers: Chiara & Kathy


Neil Thomas and the Brainwaves team

Brainwaves – 2 December – Australians for Mental Health Campaign

This week on Brainwaves, Minto Felix, founding member of Australians for Mental Health and Mental Health Programs Coordinator at Monash University, comes on the show to talk about the national advocacy campaign. Australians for Mental Health, aims to address the chronic shortage of funding and services for mental health in Australia, and help end the stigma and shame associated with seeking help for mental ill health. For more information, visit

Panel Operator: Tu
Interviewers: Tu & Chiara


Minto Felix