Brainwaves – 23 September – Tom Ballad – Comedy & mental health

Australian comedian, writer, actor and Ambassador for Beyond Blue, Tom Ballad comes on the show to discuss his lived experience of mental illness and his sexuality. Tom specifically talks about the impact of society on young people who may be coming to terms with their sexuality. Tom discusses the relationship between comedy and mental illness, and utilizing comedy as a platform for discussing mental health issues. Visit Tom Ballad’s website for more information –

Panel Operator: Kate
Interviewers: Kate & Kathy

Brainwaves – 16 September – John Watkins “Unshrinking Psychosis”

This week, John Watkins discusses his latest book “Unshrinking Psychosis” and discusses the significance of dreams and spirituality in our understanding of the experience of psychosis.

Panel Operator: Mark J,
Interviewers: Mark H. & Chiara


John Watkins and the Brainwaves team!

Brainwaves – 9 September – Wild@heART local artists – Eddy & Jo

Today on the show, Joe Mariah and Eddy Ink from Wild@heART are on the show to chat about their stories and music making experience. They discuss how being a part of the Wild@heART program has impacted their lives in a positive way and how music has become an important part of the way that they understand and express their mental health issues. For the next upcoming Strumarama event, hosting local artists from Wild@heART, visit

Panel Operator: Kathy
Interviewers: Daniel & Kathleen


Eddy, Jo and the Brainwaves team

Brianwaves – 2 September – Professor Patrick McGorry

This week, the Brainwaves team interview Professor Patrick McGorry-Executive Director of Orygen, the National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health to discuss youth mental health, early intervention of mental illness and psychosis.

Panel Operator: Mark H.
Interviewers: Tu & Kathleen



Patrick McGorry and the Brainwaves team