Brainwaves – 26 August – MAprc and De Costella Fun Run

Dr Rebecca Segrave talks about her research as research fellow and clinical neuropsychologist at the Monash and Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre into TMS, DBS and tDCS in the treatment of refractory major depression. Rebecca also talks about details for the De Costella Fun Run on August 30th, proceeds of which go to MAPrc research programs.

Panel Operator: Rose
Interviewers: Kate & Kathy


Brainwaves – 19 August – Media portrayals of mental health

The media is highly influential in shaping people’s perspectives on mental illness and misinformation can lead to stigma and discrimination in the community. A panel discussion consisting of Tu, Dan, Mark and guest Marie explore the role of the media, positive and negative portrayals of mental illness in film, television and other media outlets and the impact these portrayals may have on the public’s perception.

Panel Operator: Tu
Interviewers: Daniel & Mark H.