Brainwaves – 22 July – MI Fellowship Doorway housing program

This week, Vince O’Neil discusses his work with the MI Fellowship Doorway housing and support program, shares his lived experience of homelessness as a Vietnam veteran and his work with the Homeless Persons’ Union Victoria.

Panel Operator: Kathy
Interviewers: Kathy and Kathleen

Brainwaves – 15 July – Kate Chester from Freedom from Tobacco

This week, Kate Chester from Freedom from Tobacco discusses the process and steps to becoming a non smoker whilst being diagnosed with a psychiatric illness. Kate discussed having a set plan and supports including awareness of triggers, putting boundaries around smoking etc and the benefits you can expect when you quit smoking.

Panel Operator: Mark J.
Interviewers: Kate

Brainwaves – 8 July – Living with Suicidal Feelings

Guests Annie Murphy, Liz Scarfe and Lara discuss the “Living With Suicidal Feelings” support group. Topics include why this group matters, their intention and motivation, and the value of peer support. A typical format is outlined – who attends and what is discussed and how the group support one another, and the importance of self care. And finally, where to find information re the group if you want to attend.  There is also a Face Book page to check out: Living With Suicidal Feelings.

Panel Operator: Kathy
Interviewers: Kate and Rose