Brainwaves – 27 May – Bee’s Play “Hamlet’s Angel”

This week, Bee commenced her play in 1977 as a one act play to tell the story of Ophelia and Bee’s’ paternal grandmother, who had schizophrenia. In 2000 Bee had a breakdown and was later diagnosed with schizophrenia. The play, as it was developed, became Bee’s story.

Paneller: Kate
Interviewers: Kate


Brainwaves – 20 May – Full Mental Jacket

This week, members of music band Full Mental Jacket, Steve, Christian, and Justin discuss the band and showcase their music. Band members discuss the origins and history of the band, the power of making music to heal mentally and physically, their sponsors and recent gig at Basin Music Festival. Featuring an original track, “White Death”.

Paneller: Kate
Interviewers: Kathy

Brainwaves – 13 May – Heidi Everett

This week, singer song writer, poet, and mental health advocate Heidi Everett and comedian Rohan Forrester discuss the upcoming Schizy Week Jam which is being held at Northcote Social Club, Sunday 17th of May. Heidi discusses the importance of this event to Schizophrenia Awareness Week and Rohan shares some insights into his past mental health issues and homelessness.

Paneller: Kate
Interviewers: Joel and Kathy

Brainwaves – 6 May – Indigo Daya

This week, Indigo Daya, General Manager of Consumer and Carer Advocacy at MI Fellowship speaks to 3 key issues raised by Dr. Eleanor Longen, guest speaker at the Bruce Woodcock Memorial Lecture. Indigo discusses the concepts and issues of recovery not as a cure, living with experiences in a meaningful way – not as symptoms, and finally discusses the role of trauma in psychiatric illness and treatment.

Paneller: Kate
Interviewing: Paddy and Kathy