Brainwaves – 25 March – Interview with Rae

This week, guest Rae speaks to her experiences as a nurse in PNG, the resultant acquired brain injury and epilepsy and her lived experience of mental illness and complex medical issues. Rae documents her journey with her own superb poetry.

Panneler: Kate
Interviewers: Kathy

Brainwaves – 11 March – Dr Victoria Palmer

This week, Dr Victoria Palmer, lead researcher on the CORE project, coordinated by Melbourne University, discusses continuing recruitment to the project and phase 2 – the co-design phase aimed at improving experience of services for consumers, carers and staff through collaborative work. Dr Rob Whitely, Professor of Psychiatry at Mc Gill University, Montreal, discusses the nature of recovery, barriers to recovery, including stigma, and factors contributing to recovery.

Panneler: Kate
Interviewers: Kathy and Paddy