Brainwaves – 24 August – Camino Trekkers

MI Fellowship has partnered with three avid walkers who will undertake El Camino de Santiago de Compostela, the most famous pilgrimage in the world, to raise awareness of mental health and the impacts of mental illness on individuals and families. MI Fellowship supporters Cheryl McInnes, Kym Murphy and Tony Whyte will embark on ‘one million steps for mental health’ in August of this year, commencing their 500-mile journey from the French Pyrenees to the northwest of Spain. Follow Cheryl, Kym and Tony at from August 26 onwards on their Camino journey.

Interviewers: Terry & Lauren
Panel Operator: Lauren


Brainwaves – 17 August – Justice & the mental health system

Over the last century, Australia has taken a huge step forward for the human rights of those with a mental illness by working towards deinstitutionalization, taking into account the ineffectiveness of institutional care along with the possibilities of abuse and neglect in long-term institutionalization. Shifting mental health care into the community has become a priority for governing bodies. However, despite the closure of all traditional asylums an alarming number of individuals are incarcerated with treatable mental illnesses. Often these individuals needs and symptoms are poorly understood by law enforcement leading to unnecessarily traumatic conditions, poor support structures and ultimately exacerbated health conditions. Today, Brainwaves chats with Brett Collins of the unique prisoner advocacy organisation Justice Action about the great work they do to restore some balance into the system. For more information on the work Justice Action does visit

Panel Operator: Rose
Interviewer: Rose & Daniel

The Justice Action Team


Brainwaves – 10 August – Lead Tenant Program

The Lead Tenant program seeks to create an environment where adolescents can transition into independent living. Two adolescents are paired with two adults in the community (Lead Tenants) where they share-house together. The program strives to foster a living environment that allows Lead Tenants to exhibit positive role modeling, engage a young person’s social and recreational skills, establish positive and meaningful relationships, encourage and demonstrate engagement in education, employment, self care, communication & positive behaviour. Brainwaves chats with Nancy, a Lead Tenant about the program, what the program involves, what her experience has been and how people can get involved.

Panel Operator: Chiara
Interviewer: Chiara

Brainwaves – 3 August – Simon Katterl

Today on Brainwaves we talk to Simon Katterl, a community consumer advocate. We discuss the role of an advocate in the mental health system, all about Advanced Statements and the new Mental Health Act, and what the difference is between a voluntary and an involuntary patient. We attempt to answer a very interesting question: are voluntary patients really voluntary?

Panel Operator: Chiara
Interviewers: Chiara & Lauren

Brainwaves – 27 July – OCD and Anxiety Disorders week 7th – 13th Aug

One in four will have a diagnosed anxiety disorder at any point in their lives. ARCVic is a state-wide specialist mental health organisation providing support, recovery and educational services to people and families living with anxiety and related disorders. The OCD and Anxiety Disorders week is running from August 7th – August 13th. ARCVic are running a week of community events, workshops and activities for people living with anxiety disorders, their family, carers and friends. Brainwaves speaks with ARCVic’s CEO Michelle and ARCVic’s Helpline Coordinator Renee about anxiety, some of the events an activities running during the week and some of the services that ARCVic provide. if you are interested in attending any of the events discussed on the show for the OCD and Anxiety Disorders week, please follow the link provided: 

Panel Operator: Chiara
Interviewers: Chiara & Terri


Brainwaves – 20 July – National Disability Insurance Scheme

On todays show we talk about the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) with David Parker and Elena Ashley from JobCo. We talk about what the NDIS is, what it means for consumers and how it fits in with the current mental health care system. JobCo is a not-for-profit organisation which can help consumers find resources relating to the implementation of the NDIS. You can access the JobCo website here, and also visit their Facebook here for updates on any upcoming workshops or information days. More information on the NDIS can be found here. The NDIS hotline can be reached at 1800 800 110.

Interviewers: Sarah & Lauren
Panel Operator: Chiara


Brainwaves – 13 July – Movement & mental health

Brainwaves speaks to exercise physiologist Louise Pontin from The Mind Movement Co. on the connection between our body and our mind and how we can incorporate movement into our lives in order to stay mentally well. For more information about The Mind Movement Co, visit, and have a read of Louise’s article “Why I’m grateful to have depression”.

Panel Operator: Chiara
Interviewers: Chiara & Elle


Brainwaves – 6 July – BPD Carers

Rose speaks with Bernadette and Phil from the BPD Community who are both carers of loved ones who have a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). BPD is one of the most misunderstood diagnoses and Bernadette and Phil speak about their experiences as carers, trying to understand their loved ones illness, care for their loved one and also care for themselves. Bernadette and Phil have recieved a great deal of support from the BPD Community, for more information on this group visit,

Panel Operator: Rose
Interviewers: Rose


Brainwaves – 22 June – FaPMI

On today’s show Rose Cuff, statewide FaPMI coordinator and Catherine Vine, peer program worker talk with Chiara & Terri about the services available for family members who have a loved one with a mental illness. For more information on the FaPMI stratedgy and for how to find a FaPMI coordinator in your area, please visit For more information on accessing Family Services as discussed by Catherine, please visit

Panel Operator: Chiara
Interviewers: Chiara & Terri